Readers Respond to Sown in Tears Reaped in Joy

"I love your book. I was reading it last night and it gave me so much peace. It is absolutely beautiful."

Ellen Levick


"Thank you so much for stopping by with your beautiful work of art. I have just done a quick 'flipthrough' and my eye was caught to the wedding poem, remembering that special day. What a beautiful capture of reality and emotions and stretches to my emotions and my own daughters' weddings."
Jill Rook


"There is a lot to learn in your book. I am swept away to so many places of the heart and mind. I think that it is just the right size for carrying around or placing next to me. It travels well and is pleasant to hold in my hands. The images, your photography, are wonderful compositions and I love the abstract qualities of design you emphasize. It is definitely good for the soul."

Mary Elizabeth Howard Holland


"Your book was in the mail when I got home. Beautiful, deep, touching. Such a tribute to our dear Julie and her listening. After all, that is the greatest tribute to the teaching, when you inspire someone to create something of their own. Thank you."

Lots of love,

Paul Reisler, composer, teacher, &
creator of Kid Pan Alley


"I want to let you know how much I have been loving reading your poetry. I love the photographs too. My neighbor and friend gave me a copy of your book a few months ago. The spirit of deep gratitude that is woven throughout is very moving."

Thank You.
Jan Kielty